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Oct. 13, 2017 // Photo Album: Places NATCA is Making a Difference Across the Country This Week


NATCA’s Southwest Region held their annual regional meeting in New Orleans this week. NATCA President Paul Rinaldi, Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert, and Regional Vice President Andrew LeBovidge were all there to speak and update the membership. While there, LeBovidge honored a soon-to-retire NATCA activist for his Union efforts.

“I’m so honored to be able to recognize a tremendous NATCA activist, an inaugural Collaboration Facilitator (CF), and a true brother and friend, Michael Bigler at the NSW regional meeting,” said LeBovidge. “It’s bittersweet as he heads toward retirement.

“I’m also thrilled to be able to pass the torch to our next CF, Dre Sanchez, another passionate activist and good friend who will help shape the spirit of collaboration for the future. My thanks, and the thanks of our whole region, for your dedication to improving the lives of so many.”


The newly revamped Rep Training class, RT1, took place in Las Vegas this week. Las Vegas ATCT FacRep Jamaal Haltom and Fort Worth Center FacRep Nick Daniels taught the course, educating the next generation of NATCA Reps. NATCA President Paul Rinaldi was also in attendence to answer questions and speak with the attendees.


Sanford ATCT (SFB) controllers Karl Redinger and Leeann Carter, and Florida TRACON (F11) controller Fabian Sanchez met with Democratic Congresswoman Val Demings, who represents the 10th District in Florida this week.

Left to right: Redinger Carter, Congresswoman Demings, and Sanchez.


Rhode Island State Coordinator Juan Ledesma, Providence ATCT (PVD) FacRep Mark Bonvouloir, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta, and Providence ATCT (PVD) staff met with Democratic Senator of Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse and Democratic Senator of Rhode Island Jack Reed this week for a tour of PVD. They discussed staffing, operations, and construction at PVD. Following the tour, the group attended an airport ceremony recognizing the completion of a runway extension at PVD. The entire Rhode Island congressional delegation was there, along with the governor, and numerous other state politicians.

From left to right: Sen. Whitehouse, David Blessinger (PVD Staff Support Specialist), Julie Marsala (PVD Tech Ops), Gay Natalizia (PVD AMP), Mark Bonvouloir (PVD FacRep), Ed Angel (PVD ATM), Special Agent Jim Smith (FAA Security), FAA Administrator Michael Huerta, Ledesma, Amy Corbett (New England Regional Administrator), Tom Lafen (New England District Support Manager), Lynne DeRosa (PVD AMP), and Senator Reed.


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