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Hurricane Relief Update: Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Croix

Below, read an update from Southern Regional Vice President Jim Marinitti on the status of hurricane relief efforts in the Caribbean.

While progress has been made in the Caribbean, our brothers and sisters are still in need of help. Access to power is key as the entire power grids in both Puerto Rico and St. Thomas need to be replaced. Generators and fuel continue to be hard to find.

Puerto Rico (SJU and ZSU):

  • The generator is working at San Juan CERAP.
  • Frequencies and radar are working, although intermittently at times.
  • A new satellite has been installed to assist with landline communications.
  • Relief supplies are running low and still needed.

St. Thomas Tower (STT):

  • Suitable lodging for FAA employees was found on St.Thomas near the airport for the FacRep and six other controllers. The agency will provide two vehicles for transportation. All personnel and one spouse, two cats, two dogs, and two birds, will be at a new hotel by this week.
  • There is a fuel tank at the tower and the gas stations are slowly coming on line. 
  • The control tower and facility need major work, and it’s possible it will be 6-8 months until the controllers can move back into this facility.

St. Croix (STX) Federal Contract Tower (FCT):

  • The controllers may be able to move back into their tower this week.
  • Relief supplies are low and still needed.

Please consider donating to the NATCA Disaster Relief Fund. Our brothers and sisters are directly assisted through these funds with much-needed supplies.

In solidarity,
Jim Marinitti
Southern Regional Vice President

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