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2017 Oct NWP Solidarity Carr

Western Pacific Solidarity Event A Success

Former NATCA President John Carr was a guest speaker at the Western Pacific Region (NWP) solidarity event held at The Plank on Oct. 23. Regional Office Coordinator of the RVPs Mickela Gillfillan shared these great photos from the event featuring members from Napa County ATCT (APC), Concord ATCT (CCR), Hayward ATCT (HWD), Oakland ATCT (OAK), Palo Alto ATCT (PAO), San Jose Reid Hillview ATCT (RHV), Stockton ATCT (SCK), San Francisco ATCT (SFO), San Jose ATCT (SJC), and Oakland Center (ZOA).

2017 Oct NWP Solidarity Carr

2017 Oct NWP Solidarity2

2017 Oct NWP Solidarity3

2017 Oct NWP Solidarity1

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