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2017 Sedona RNAV

RNAV Solidarity Event

2017 Sedona RNAV

This month, members of Retired NATCA Active Volunteers (RNAV) met in Sedona, Ariz., for solidarity, fellowship, and a few epic adventures. RNAV Executive Committee Chairman Kevin Sherwood provided these photos (above) of a few of the group’s adventures.

If you’re retired or retiring soon and looking for ways to stay active with NATCA brothers & sisters, consider joining RNAV or the Boots on the Ground program.

Many retiring NATCA members receive an automatic Platinum Retired Membership. This is an exclusive membership available at no cost to NATCA members who fall into one or all of the following categories:

  • NATCA members who paid dues as active members for 20+ consecutive years immediately prior to their retirement.
  • Charter members who paid dues as active members consecutively from the inception of their membership until their retirement date.
  • In units certified subsequent to initial NATCA recognition, this membership type is open to any bargaining unit member who became an active NATCA member within six months of the respective unit certification and remained so up to and immediately preceding his or her retirement.

Those retiring members who do not meet those criteria are still eligible and very welcome to become a retired member and join RNAV. Annual dues are $35, or $350 for a lifetime membership.

Application: https://www.natca.org/images/NATCA_PDFs/rnav-membershipapplication_fillable.pdf

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