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ATSAP: How it Works


How it works
The Air Traffic Safety Action Program (ATSAP) helps resolve safety issues that otherwise might not have been identified or resolved. FAA modeled ATSAP after another voluntary safety reporting system used by selected air carriers known as the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP). Similar to ASAP, employees are promised that no punitive or disciplinary actions will be taken as a result of reporting errors that could impact safety, provided those errors are not the result of gross negligence or illegal activity.

Reports filed by employees through the ATSAP website are reviewed by ATSAP Analysts, who remove personally identifiable information from the reports, link multiple reports on the same event, and attach other available information regarding the event. Then, Event Review Committees (ERCs) consisting of a member of FAA’s Air Traffic Organization (ATO) management, a NATCA representative, and a member of FAA’s Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service (AOV) evaluate each report submitted to the program to determine whether it meets the requirements set forth in the MOU between FAA and NATCA. If so, the ERC accepts the report into ATSAP.

It doesn’t matter what position you are working, all eligible employees (those at facilities in the program) may always file an ATSAP in order to report any air traffic safety event or problem, whether experienced or observed.

Following an event, or identification of a safety problem, employees can file a report online through the ATSAP website.

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