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ATSAP: What’s an ATSAP Analyst?


What’s an ATSAP analyst?
An Air Traffic Safety Action Program (ATSAP) Analyst is an air traffic control specialist who applies comprehensive knowledge of air traffic control operations and procedures to classify air traffic events and incidents. Classification is by causal and contributing factors and categories to the analysis of safety events reported through the ATSAP system.

Using their experience separating and controlling air traffic as a Certified Professional Controller (CPC) in a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) terminal or en route facility, ATSAP Analysts analyze sensitive data relating to operational errors and deficiencies reported by NATCA members and non-compliance with regulations. ATSAP analysis directly affects the safety of air traffic operations and the National Airspace System (NAS).

ATSAP allows controllers to report errors without fear of reprisal or punitive measures. As part of efforts to enhance the safety culture of air traffic control and meet Congressional mandates, voluntary non-punitive programs have been implemented for the open reporting of safety concerns by controllers and other FAA employees. The result of this has been an environment in which safety events and problems are openly reported, as never before.

Following an event, or identification of a safety problem, employees can file a report online through the ATSAP website.

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