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For FacReps

For FacReps

When an event occurs, contact the CISM on call coordinator via phone or text, 202-505-2476 (CISM).

When you reach voicemail, leave the following information:

  • Point of contact (usually the FacRep or their designee)
  • Details of the incident or accident
  • Persons involved, directly and indirectly

Time permitting, please also include:

  • Pertinent information about controllers involved; circumstances which may make this event worse for them, i.e. divorce, family issues, other stresses
  • Work schedules of employees directly involved; in case a debrief needs to be scheduled. If it’s determined a CISD (critical incident stress debrief) is necessary, it would typically occur 3-10 days after the incident.
  • Was a supervisor involved? CISM is a peer program but supervisors can participate if ALL controllers involved approve. If even one controller objects, the supervisor may not participate.
  • What is the attitude of management? Are they compassionate? Are they concerned about the employees?

Putting controllers back to work too soon after an event becomes a safety issue. The mind can still be distracted. Do not hesitate to remind management safety is a priority. I a controller feels it necessary, request administrative leave from the manager. It is within their purview to approve this.

Other information:

CA-1 Form:

Controllers who experience a critical incident should be advised to file a CA-1 form to document the event.

The window for filing a CA-1 is 30 days.

Critical incidents can have a significant psychological effect as real as a physical injury. Documentation is important.

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