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WorkLife Wisdom: Small Steps to Becoming Healthy

As the year kicks off, it can be invigorating to look toward improving your health during the coming 12 months. However, as you well know, many such plans to become healthy and change your life evaporate within a few months. While early abandonment of health and wellness goals is common, here are tips to help you stay on track:

  • Helping. There’s rarely a straight line to meaningful goal attainment. In order to help yourself you need to be surrounded with people and resources that can support your success. For example, if you want to eat healthier, make sure you have healthy food options handy every day. If you want to stay with an exercise plan, choose one or more health buddies and hold each other accountable.
  • Exercise. Exercising your body through formal fitness routines or simply through being more active throughout the day is beneficial to your health. Regular exercise is one of the most important steps toward a healthy body and mind. Choose an activity that’s convenient and that you enjoy. Go on long walks, take your dog for a run, or consider biking. Try aerobic classes like Zumba, Pilates, or high-intensity training.
  • Achieve. Visualize yourself achieving your goal, whether it’s weight loss or sticking to your diet. Once you achieve one milestone you should reward yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself if you slip up; simply make a healthier choice next time, and stay with it!  If you’re tempted to give up on your plan, remind yourself: “I can do this.” A positive attitude is key to sustaining effort.
  • Life. Many of our unhealthy behaviors are based on habits rather than conscious, controlled decisions. By identifying your behavioral patterns and bad habits you can create a plan for change.
  • Time. It’s time for a change. A slight tweaking of your bad habits will lead you to your own happiness.
  • Health. Vague goals such as “get fit” or “eat better” do not provide measurable targets to strive toward. Such goals can slip away quite easily. If you write down your health goals, you’re more likely to commit to them. This is particularly important in the area of health and fitness, where many people set overambitious, unrealistic goals such as losing 50 pounds by the summer. Instead, set manageable goals such as losing ten pounds and keeping it off.

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