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Selecting Local Delegates

Section 3.     Delegates and any alternates must be active members in good standing of the Association and of their respective Locals. No paid employee of any Local or of the Association, other than duly
elected officials, shall be a delegate.

Section 4.     Delegates and any alternates shall be determined by procedures set forth in each Local’s consitution and bylaws. The Local is not required to conduct a mail ballot for convention delegates unless specifically required in their local constitution.

Section 5.    Each Local shall be entitled to one delegate. Each Local shall be entitled to an additional delegate for every 50 active members in good standing over and above 100 members. Each delegate shall be entitled to cast a number of votes equal to the number of active members in good standing in his or her Local thirty (30) days in advance of the opening of the Convention, divided by the number of delegates representing the Local properly registered and credentialed at the time of the vote.

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