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Join NATCA’s Boots on the Ground

Boots Collage

The 2018 election season is right around the corner and NATCA will again be actively participating in the election process. Boots on the Ground has been one of NATCA’s most effective political activities since its inception in 2008. Participating NATCA members work full time in the AFL-CIO’s national grassroots canvassing program. Boots on the Ground is an essential tool to get the word out to the labor community on the records and positions of candidates running for office.

We are now soliciting volunteers who wish to participate in this program full-time beginning in late spring/early summer later this year. Click here if you are interested in getting more in-depth information or registering for the program. The Boots program is a rigorous but highly rewarding experience, benefiting NATCA and organized labor. If this sounds like something that interests you, don’t hesitate to apply. Thank you for your consideration.

Please direct questions to National Legislative Committee Chair Steve Weidner at [email protected] / 612-532-2675, or to NATCA’s Boots on the Ground Coordinator Tom Thompson at [email protected] / 317-331-3423.

Application submission will close Friday, March 2. All applicants will receive an email notification with the result of their application prior to May 31, 2018. Due to the numerous considerations associated with selecting locations each cycle, your selection will not be finalized until notifications are sent out. Applying does not guarantee you a spot on the ground.

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