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Article 63


Section 1. The Parties recognize that the right of Union representatives to participate in NTSB investigations is at the complete discretion of the NTSB. Should the NTSB allow Union representatives to participate, the following procedures shall apply to no more than fifteen (15) representatives designated by the Union.

Section 2. The Union Regional Vice President or his/her designee shall be placed on the respective service area email notification list for notification of an accident or incident in the service area involving fatalities or injuries in which air traffic control services were being provided.

Section 3. Unless staffing and workload do not permit, excused absence shall be granted to permit the Union representative to participate in an NTSB accident/incident investigation. The representative is not entitled to overtime, holiday, or other premium pay while representing the Union in an NTSB investigation. Travel and per diem is not authorized.

Section 4. In accordance with Section 3, the Union representatives shall be relieved as soon as operationally possible from their normal duties to immediately proceed to the scene of an accident or incident of appropriate significance.

Section 5. Unless staffing and workload do not permit, on a one-time basis, the Union’s NTSB Representatives shall be authorized thirty-two (32) hours of excused absence to attend formal training. Representatives may be authorized additional excused absence to attend formal training by mutual agreement of the Parties at the national level. Unless staffing and 145 workload do not permit, employees designated as representatives under this Article who desire to attend additional accident/incident investigation and other safety related courses/seminars shall be granted leave or LWOP to attend such courses/seminars up to a maximum of three (3) weeks per employee per calendar year.

Section 6. Unless staffing and workload do not permit, the Agency shall grant annual leave or LWOP for a Union representative from the involved facility or facilities to attend NTSB hearings.

Section 7. If authorized by the NTSB, nothing in this Article shall preclude the Union from sending more than one (1) representative to an accident/incident investigation. Official time and travel and per diem are not authorized under this Article.

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