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ASI Charter

The NATCA Air Safety Investigation Committee (ASIC) shall be an ad hoc committee responsible to the National Executive Board. Its purpose is to be the focal point for the Union on policy and procedural matters related to NATCA participation in National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) aircraft accident investigations.


The NATCA ASIC shall be comprised of NATCA members and NATCA staff appointed by the National Executive Board (NEB). The NEB shall appoint one of the committee members as chairperson.

Subject to SRH-13, NATCA ASIs will serve a 3-year term which may be renewed by the NEB. The ASIC Chairperson must be a member of the committee and serve a 3-year term with no limit to the number of terms.

Roles and Responsibilities

All NATCA ASIC members shall be trained as Union Air Safety Investigators;

All NATCA party submissions, presented to the NTSB as the Union’s official position and proposed findings shall be submitted to NATCA General Counsel, NATCA Safety and Technology, and the NEB for their opportunity to review and submit comments;

The NATCA Air Safety Investigation Committee shall, through the Department of Safety and Technology, (a) coordinate the activities of, and provide support and training to NATCA air safety investigators; (b) facilitate interdiction between NATCA air safety investigators through Internet-based information sharing, regional or national meetings, conference calls, and other means as appropriate; (c) prepare an annual report on NATCA air safety investigator participation in NTSB investigations for the National Executive Board.

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