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Reloaded Charter

 Reloaded Committee Charter (11/18)

The NATCA National Reloaded Committee, herein referred to as the Committee, shall be an ad hoc committee chartered for the exclusive purpose of strengthening NATCA from within. Specifically, the Committee is charged with recommending to the NATCA National Executive Board (NEB), and once approved, implementing methods and means designed to:

  1. Facilitate newly hired NATCA members introduction into the occupation and Union;
  2. Promote membership education concerning basic labor rights, and the necessity and importance of the labor movement as a whole; and
  3. Increase the quality and number of leaders within NATCA through education, mentoring, and leadership coaching.


The Committee shall be comprised of NATCA members and NATCA staff appointed by the NEB. The NEB shall appoint one (1) of the committee members as chairperson.


The Committee shall meet at least once per year.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Establish, in concert with the NEB, measurable annual goals and objectives;
  2. Brainstorm, evaluate, and implement suitable methods and means for achieving the Committee’s purpose, goals, and objectives;
  3. Brief the NEB on the Committee’s activities through the Committee Chair or his/her designee.
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