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NATCA and FAA Seek to Improve Work Environments Through “Respect” Initiative


NATCA and the FAA began a collaborative effort to identify potential safety improvements related to human factors in the National Airspace System in 2010. The Professional Standards Program was the first initiative created through this effort. NATCA and the FAA hoped that through peer-to-peer resolution, they could maintain the highest degree of professional conduct. Through the years, additional NATCA-FAA joint initiatives were added under the Foundations of Professionalism umbrella including Fully Charged, Turn Off Tune In, ATSAP, Partnership for Safety, and Right From the Start. In 2018, we are highlighting the newest addition to the Foundations of Professionalism program: the RESPECT initiative.

As part of this initiative, NATCA and the Agency are committed to maintaining workplaces where all employees are supportive of their peers, where all team members are treated with dignity and respect, that accept and are tolerant of differences, and that demonstrate empathy and compassion. We believe that instilling these values in FAA facilities will create a better — and safer — airspace system. The safety of the National Airspace System is dependent on many unique types of individuals who work together to protect our system. Our abilities aren’t always the same and sometimes we may have different values, but our goal of maintaining the safety of the system unites us.

NATCA wants to collect stories about individuals who stand out in how they treat others in their workplaces with respect, who really strive for professionalism in their personal interactions, and who demonstrate everyday the qualities that make up the RESPECT initiative. These individuals represent the foundation of what makes us great. All of us know someone who displays respect by showing us what can be achieved when we value those around us. They show us how safety can be maintained and improved by demonstrating dignity and empathy between all the individuals that work to protect the National Airspace System. They support and appreciate those around them.

We hope all of you will join us in these efforts. If you know someone who displays these traits — tell us their story. We want to hear about those who make a difference in our lives and workplace. Please take a moment to share their stories by clicking here.

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