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WorkLife Solutions

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Sometimes, amidst your busy life, a real stumper of an issue arises and you don’t know where to turn for fast, reliable help. Perhaps you need to quickly arrange for out-of-home care for a senior relative. Or maybe you’ve been the victim of identity theft, and you need expert help right away. Or, you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by stress lately and you could use some coping support. To help you with all such situations and more, your FAA WorkLife Solutions Program is in place and ready for your call or click any time. Here is a quick overview of the many services you can tap into whenever you need them, 24/7.

EAP services focus on short term counseling or assessment and referral. Your EAP (employee assistance program) is a confidential counseling and referral service that can help you and your family members deal with many of life’s challenging problems. Like the other services described on this page, up to eight EAP services are available to you at no cost. Skilled, licensed counselors are available by phone or in-person to discuss issues with you such as stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, job or work issues, stress, parenting, alcohol and drug use, and much more.

Work-life services provide practical solutions at all stages of life. Your program offers top-quality resources to help balance your busy work schedule and personal life. You can get prompt, professional help and qualified (pre-screened) referrals for services including prenatal care, adoption, infant and child care, education resources, retirement planning, senior care, and relocation. Our work-life specialists will provide personal assistance to you every step of the way.

Concierge Services. Through your WorkLife Solutions Program, you have access to concierge service that can help you and your family save time with some of the personal responsibilities that can tie you down. Concierge Services provides assistance with many of the items on your to do list that can cause stress and worry. Concierge specialists will help assess your needs and research options available based on your requirements. A specialist can make reservations or schedule appointments.

Geriatric Care Management Services. Life can be challenging, especially if you have a loved one who may need a new level of care. Through the Geriatric Care Management Services you are offered resources including an in-person assessment from a professional care management who will review the current living situation and make a professional recommendation to help you and your family during this confusing and difficult time.

Get expert consultation on legal and financial issues. Since a legal or financial issue can cause you sleepless nights, you can obtain free, no-cost initial consultations (60 minutes) with experts. For legal issues, you can consult by phone or in-person with a local attorney on issues such as family law, estate law and bankruptcy. If you need additional help, you can retain an attorney from the program at a discounted rate. You can also arrange free phone consultations with certified financial counselors on issues like budgeting, debt consolidation, consumer credit, retirement, saving for college, and IRS matters. If needed, you can also consult with highly trained fraud resolution specialists™ who will guide you through a fraud-related emergency.

CaféWell. Through your health and wellness platform, CaféWell, we are radically changing how you can become engaged in maximizing your health. Our solution offers a new approach to your well-being, giving you daily personal goals and the support of social networking to help you live a happier, healthy life. With interactive online tools and mobile engagement, we make it easy for you to incorporate healthy habits into their busy lives

LifeMart® saves you money. The LifeMart Discount Center offers you discounts on over four million products and services such as computers and electronics, travel, car rentals, hotels, theme parks, shopping, restaurants, movie tickets, fitness centers and new cars.
Accessible 24/7, your FAA WorkLife Solutions Program offers many resources and services to help you and your family. Call the program at 800-234-1327, TTY Users: 800-456-4006, or log on to www.MagellanHealth.com/Member to begin accessing these services today.

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