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LifeMart Discount Center: Make Memories on a Budget

Spring and summer can be a great time to experiment with new activities that can become an anticipated part of the season in subsequent years. Some attempts at newness may flop, but others may stick and help your family bond while enjoying new traditions.

Using the LifeMart Discount Center

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Ideas for low-cost summer fun

  • Try camping. Whether you stay in the back yard or head to the wilderness, there’s something special about camping together at any age on a summer night. Cook over a fire, tell stories, watch the stars, and snuggle into sleeping bags at evening’s end.
  • Do picnics. Pack a meal, visit a local park, set out a blanket, and enjoy your meal al fresco surrounded by the beauty that is summer. Enjoy each other’s company as you eat in a setting that’s different from the usual. Play Frisbee or take a walk afterward.
  • Have some water fun. While you may not live near a beach, scout around for a local body of water where you might swim, soak up the sun, go fishing, or pilot a water vessel. This can give the family that mini-vacation feel without the travel hassles.
  • Make dessert a weekly event. Pick a night of the week and make it “sweets night” every week (or at least most weeks) of the summer. Visit an ice cream shop, or create something delicious in your own kitchen. Eat it together outside and enjoy the sweetness of the summer night.
  • Be active together. Plan nature hikes as a group, or take family bike rides to new areas. Exploring together as a family is always a healthy activity. If you identify a favorite park for hiking or biking, return there several times over the summer, then into the fall as the seasons change.
  • Do moonwalks too. Take advantage of warm summer evenings and full moons to get everyone outside for long walks through the neighborhood. Everything familiar looks different at night, and the moonlight makes for a mystical milieu.
  • Try backyard movie nights. Take your movie night outside for some unique summer fun. Use a projector and a screen, or just carry out the TV, laptop, or tablet along with lots of popcorn and drinks.
  • Do one new thing together every summer. Challenge yourself to try one new activity each summer. The sky’s the limit. You could try painting, a martial arts or yoga class, horseback riding, snorkeling, canoeing, photography, bocce ball, and more.

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