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NCE John Tune Award Winner: Steve Hartsoe


This year’s Central Region John Tune Award winner is Steve Hartsoe, who has served NATCA as a local facility officer, facility Professional Standards Rep, NATCA Drug and Alcohol Committee, NATCA Finance Committee, and numerous workgroups. Hartsoe is currently in the role as a Collaboration Facilitator, NATCA Academy Instructor, Regional Training Review Board Lead. Hartsoe was presented with the award at the Central Region breakout session at #NATCAphilly2018.

The John Tune Award was begun by the Central Region in 2012 at the Denver Biennial Convention.

“We wanted an award that recognized a Central Region member for exceptional dedication and work related to our Union,” Central Regional Vice President Kevin Peterson said.

The first award was presented to its namesake, John Tune, former Central Region RVP, at the Denver Biennial Convention. Tune passed away in 2014.

Past award winners:

2012: John Tune, former RVP

2014: Scott Hanley, former ZKC FacRep

2016: Scot Morrison, former LNK FacRep and longtime ARVP

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