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NATCA Legislative Team


NATCA’s National Office works to carry out the goals and initiatives set by the Union’s National Executive Board. NATCA influences U.S. aviation policy by educating elected officials in Congress and the executive branch (the White House, Department of Transportation, and the Federal Aviation Administration) about aviation safety-related matters and other policy issues affecting NATCA’s membership at the federal, state, and local levels. The NATCA staff collaborates internally as well as with external organizations to conduct research on air traffic control issues for policy and position papers. The staff also works alongside the NLC to lead a stellar political program with the goal of increasing NATCA’s visibility and influence on Capitol Hill.


The NLC strives to advance the status, professionalism, benefits, and working conditions of all NATCA bargaining unit employees through political and legislative activism. The NLC accomplishes these tasks through grassroots activism, educating and training NATCA members on how to become effective legislative activists, as well as providing political education. NATCA is proud to have one of the most effective grassroots networks in all of organized labor. Working in conjunction with the National Office, the NLC helps craft grassroots messages to make sure NATCA is represented on Capitol Hill. The NLC is responsible for ensuring our grassroots network of state legislative coordinators, facility legislative representatives, and — most importantly — our member activists is functioning at its best.

LEGISLATIVE TRAININGThe NLC is primarily responsible for the development of NATCA’s Basic and Advanced Legislative Activism classes. Committee members also serve as instructors for these classes, working to develop NATCA’s ever-growing army of legislative activists.

POLITICAL EDUCATION AND ACTIVITY: The NLC educates our members about all of NATCA’s political tools and the vital role each plays in the overall success of our organization. NLC members assist members engaging in political activity to back candidates who support NATCA’s agenda.

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