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NATCA Charitable Supports Respite for Wounded Warriors


Earlier this spring, Memphis Center FacRep Neil Caputo and Alternate Southern Regional Vice President Jason Arnold represented the NATCA Charitable Foundation in presenting a check to Extreme SEAL Adventures.

Caputo and Arnold drove to the wilderness location on Maryland’s Eastern Shore where Extreme SEAL Adventures brings wounded warriors and their families to enjoy the great outdoors. Extreme SEAL Adventures founders Don and Diane Shipley call their property “Warrior’s Rest.”

Don Shipley is a retired Navy SEAL and Diane is a Navy Veteran. They have two children, a son that has followed in his father’s footsteps and is currently a SEAL and a daughter who is married to a SEAL.

“Don and Diane operate Extreme SEAL Adventures as a nonprofit. Every penny that the charity receives goes toward accommodating wounded warriors and their families,” Arnold said. “As Neil and I are both veterans ourselves, it was an honor to represent NATCA Charitable Foundation to such a worthy veterans charity!”

From duck and pheasant to deer and turkey, there is plenty of hunting on the sprawling property. Warrior’s Rest is also located on a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay that provides an abundance of fresh and saltwater fishing opportunities.

Extreme SEAL Adventures has converted an old barn into a place for the wounded veterans and their families to stay when they visit. The effect is a respite of peace and quiet for those who have sacrificed for our country and their loved ones, with plenty of recreational options at Warrior’s Rest.

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