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OSHA Webinar, July 5: Temperature and Humidity

The next OSHA Committee webinar, entitled “Temperature and Humidity,” is Thursday, July 5 at 11 a.m. EDT.

The 2016 Slate Book collective bargaining agreement made the Program Implementation Requirement (PIR) on indoor air quality mandatory in air traffic facilities. The PIR contains many standards on indoor air quality and requirements for mold assessment and remediation.

“We have covered certain aspects of the PIR in previous webinars,” said OSHA Committee Chairman Mike Odryna. “In this webinar we discuss the requirements for temperature and humidity in our buildings. It’s a very important requirement for many reasons. Our comfort depends on the amount of moisture in the air and that’s not as simple as a single relative humidity number. We will discuss the concept of humidity ratio which is the best measurement of comfort and HVAC performance. Humidity ratios are a requirement of the PIR. We will discuss how you can measure humidity ratio in your buildings.”

Odryna said the webinar will also cover how high moisture in the air can foster mold growth in facilities and the HVAC system’s role in controlling moisture levels. “This is a very timely topic as we transition from spring to summer,” Odryna said. “Unacceptable humidity ratios are a problem when outside air warms up and we rely on air conditioning systems.”

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