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NATCA members at Caribbean facilities gather in solidarity

NATCA members at San Juan ATCT (SJU) hosted solidarity events last week attended by members from SJU, Isla Grande ATCT (SIG), St Thomas ATCT (STT), and San Juan CERAP (ZSU), with guests NATCA President Paul Rinaldi, Executive VP Trish Gilbert & Southern Regional VP Jim Marinitti.

Gilbert opened the dinner with a briefing about the controller staffing crisis. She also discussed effects of the most recent attacks on federal employees by way of executive orders.

“SJU is only strengthened by the hurricane and the workforce is closer than ever,” SJU FacRep Kyrandgel Rios said. “All members at SJU now have electricity, and we are returning to normalcy, slowly, but surely.”

As Rios departs for Ft. Lauderdale ATCT (FLL), Hector Montañez will become SJU FacRep beginning July 8.


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