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TAMR Team Rewarded for Hard Work With ATO Award

Pictured above, left to right: Kyle Ness, Scott Kendrick, and Aaron Rose.

(Aug. 24, 2018)

The NATCA-FAA Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement (TAMR) Team was honored earlier this month with an FAA Air Traffic Organization Award during a ceremony at FAA headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The team received the Exemplary Program Management Award.

“NATCA members spend time away from friends and family to ensure facilities have the proper hardware and software to safely operate the National Airspace System,” NATCA TAMR Article 114 Representative Aaron Rose said. “It was wonderful for the Agency and our peers to recognize the effort it takes to deploy a new automation system.”

NATCA members on the TAMR team that were honored are:

Jake Alcombrack (Denver TRACON, D01)

Michael Bellew (Potomac TRACON, PCT)

Benny Beltran (Northern California TRACON, NCT)

John Boileau (Harrisburg ATCT)

Jill Carr (Tampa ATCT)

Patrick Casey (Dallas-Fort Worth TRACON, D10)

Rossano Costa (Fort Myers ATCT)

Jennifer Davis (PCT)

Keith Duffy (Boston TRACON, A90)

Christopher Falcone (Harrisburg ATCT)

Julianne Fletcher (New York TRACON, N90)

Christopher Hanna (Atlanta TRACON, A80)

Penny Hanna (A80)

Christopher Hilbert (Philadelphia ATCT, PHL)

Gregory Jahn (Chicago TRACON)

Matthew Robert Jones (A90)

Robert Junior (A80)

Scott Kendrick (D10)

Christopher Kraft (D01)

Rachel Ben-Maor Lamont (NCT)

Richard Lau (NCT)

Teah Lord (N90)

Shane MacPhearson (D10)

Mary Manifold (Kalamazoo ATC)

Randy Moninger (A90)

Kyle Ness (Minneapolis TRACON)

Phillip Nicholson (Houston TRACON)

Kent Peterson (N90)

Scott Price (A90)

Mark Pueschel (N90)

Todd Rhea (D01)

Scott Robillard (A90)

Aaron Rose (NCT)

Jason Rose (D01)

Paul Shireman (I90)

Donald Spence (I90)

Daniel Stefko (Engineers Eastern Region, EEA)

Michael Tate (D01)

Richard Thomas (Spokane ATCT)

James Van Zee (Grand Rapids ATCT)

Carlos Veras (N90)

Carol Wessels (D10)

Jimmie White Jr. (PHL)

Joe Yannone (Engineers Aeronautical Center, EAC)

Keith Yates (A80)

Darrell Zimmer (I90)

“New system deployment through collaboration with the Agency led to this recognition,” said Scott Kendrick, NATCA representative for the TAMR North Texas Operational Support Facilities. “The NATCA Operational Support Facilities (OSF) effort in each facility provided a seamless transition. I am proud to be associated with such professionals and our Union.”

More TAMR News

Jackson, Miss. ATCT (JAN)

Jackson, Miss., ATCT (JAN) transitioned earlier this month to the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS). The onsite NATCA TAMR SMEs reported he transition went smoothly and everything is up and running.

Congratulations to those whose hard work finally paid off with the successful transition, including staff specialist Jim Burleigh, Jerry Sarkadi (FLM), Benny Baughman (ATM), JAN FacRep Clay Holmes, controller Jeremy Bowering, and Technical Operations employees Jamie Tucker, Billy Morrison, Mike Ingram, Chris Childers, and Chris Feely.

JAN NATCA members Andrew Shafer and Byron Maxwell show the new system in action in these photos below.




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