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Retiring NNM RVP Doug Pincock Honored for Career, Union Dedication

Northwest Mountain Regional Vice President Doug Pincock and his wife, Debbie.

(Aug. 24, 2018)

On Aug. 18, members of the Northwest Mountain Region (NNM) gathered in Salt Lake City to congratulate NNM Regional Vice President (RVP) Doug Pincock on his retirement from the FAA.

Pincock started his career in October 1989 at Salt Lake Center (ZLC) and has worked as an air traffic controller at ZLC for his entire career. A dedicated Union leader and activist, he has served his facility in almost every elected position — as Area Rep, Treasurer, Vice President, and as FacRep from 2006 to 2010.

He joined the National Labor Relations Strategy Team in 2009, and served as Alternate Regional Vice President for his region from 2010 to 2015, until he was elected RVP.

Denver Center (ZDV) member Jennifer VanRooy and ZLC member Ashley Olsen and his spouse Anelizabeth planned the party, which was attended by Pincock’s family, as well as NATCA President Paul Rinaldi, NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert, NNM RVP-Elect Eddie DeLisle, and their families.

“Doug has been a champion of collaboration at every level,” Rinaldi said. “Throughout his career he has inspired members through his dedication and steadfast vision with NATCA. Both Trish, myself, and the NEB thank him for his service to NATCA and the National Airspace System. Congratulations, Doug. We wish you a happy retirement.”

Rinaldi and Gilbert presented Pincock with the Tim Haines Memorial Award of Honor and Distinction.

“I was so happy and honored to get to help throw a retirement party for Doug,” Anelizabeth Olsen said. “He is such an incredible man with the sweetest spirit. A huge thank you to Jennifer VanRooy and Ashley Olsen for putting this together. And an even bigger thanks to everyone who came out to help celebrate Doug and his incredible career with the FAA and NATCA. We want to wish Doug and Debbie all the joy and happiness in this new and exciting time in their lives!”

“Doug’s wife and his family shared many wonderful stories and traditions with those of us who were gathered to celebrate Doug,” VanRooy said. “He will definitely be missed.”



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