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FAA WorkLife Wisdom: “Step into Sports” CafeWell All Agency Team Challenge!

Announcing the Step into Sports Step All-Agency Team Challenge starting September 18! Step into Sports is a fun way to get active with your co-workers while exploring sporting events from around the world including the World Series, World Cup, Ping Pong, and Skijoring. Join or start your own team for some healthy competition among your co-workers.

Each member of the team with the highest average step count at the end of the four-week challenge wins a $100 Amazon.com gift card. Start registering your team beginning Tuesday September 11 for one week of warm-up. Teams must have 4 – 10 participants to be eligible to win.  To get started:

  1. Log in at www.magellanhealth.com/member
  2. Click on Health and Wellness, then on Get Started on the “Stay Healthy with CaféWell” page.
  3. Join the Step Into Sports program.
  4. Create a team or join an existing team.
  5. Sync your fitness device to the program or self-report your physical activity

Step Into Sports starts Sept. 18 and runs through Oct. 15. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to win a $100 Amazon.com gift card.

Check your email or WorkLife Wednesday beginning Sept. 10 for details.

Optimizing Your Health with CaféWell

Getting healthy or staying healthy is no easy feat.

We’re making it a little easier (and fun!) for FAA employees to get to their optimal health. The FAA is dedicated to enriching the health and lives of our employees by offering the latest and most innovative WorkLife resources and programs available – including CaféWell.

CaféWell is a free interactive resource for members to privately and securely develop their own personal health program and get rewarded for doing so. By registering with CaféWell, members unlock a vast collection of resources, tailored to the individual, to help them on their own personal journey including:

  • Personalized health goals, with you in mind
  • Communities of health experts, family and friends to keep you motivated
  • Helpful tips and articles on health and wellness to stay on track
  • Condition management programs for members coping with COPD, Diabetes, etc.

CaféWell makes tracking your progress towards optimal health easy, convenient and fun with the new mobile app – keeping you on track with your personalized health goals on the go.

Whether members want to increase physical activity, lose weight, or manage a health condition, CaféWell (www.MagellanHealth.com/Member) can help members take the steps they need to make a big change in their health – and get rewarded on the way.

By taking small steps – like eating better, getting more sleep or participating in a condition health management program – members can collect coins for chances to win $50 Amazon Gift Cards.

Be Well Rewarded™ with CaféWell – register today. [www.MagellanHealth.com/Member] Using your program toll free number (800-234-1327) create your registration if you have not done so in the past. Once logged in, scroll down to the “Magellan CafeWell” section on the page and click “Begin.”


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