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CFS 2018: Snowball Express, NCF Charitable Partner

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NATCA’s Charitable Foundation is at Communicating For Safety 2018 to raise support for some really worthy causes. A portion of the proceeds raised by NCF at CFS will be donated to Snowball Express, a program of the Gary Sinise Foundation. Snowball Express honors America’s fallen military service members by serving the families left behind. Snowball Express provides comprehensive support programs and helps the children who have lost moms and dads during military service by creating opportunities for joy, friendship, and communal healing.

Each December, Snowball Express brings children together from all over the country for a four-day experience filled with fun activities, like sporting events, dances, amusement parks, and focuses on their happiness and gives them a break from the burden and stress of life without their hero. On Saturday, Dec. 8, flights carrying these children will take off at a number of airports across the United States. If these flights will cross your airspace, listen for the “Snowball 1 to 13” call sign, and welcome these important flights and their precious passengers, as they make their journey to Orlando. Pilots on these flights often allow the children they are transporting to hear the air traffic controllers’ greetings.

At these five airports (COS, DCA, DFW, FAY, and LAS), NATCA is seeking member volunteers to welcome the Snowball Express children, send them off, and coordinate NATCA’s activities. NATCA also is looking for member volunteers to help with the main Snowball Express activities in Orlando. If interested in volunteering, email ZFW FacRep Nick Daniels or ZDV controller Jennifer VanRooy at [email protected].

About NCF’s efforts, Nick Daniels stated, “Please help us make this a special experience for these Gold Star Children. Visit the NCF Booth at CFS to learn more about Snowball Express and NCF’s other charitable partners. Please donate to NCF, so they can support important charities like this and many others.”


Snowball Express 2018

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