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California Wildfires Help Graphic

Disaster Relief Response

California Wildfires Help Graphic


PayPal: Please Click here or use [email protected]

GoFundMe: Please Click Here

Checks: Payable to “DRF” or “Disaster Relief Fund.” Mail to:

Attn.: Accounting Department
1325 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, D.C., 20005

Automatic Payroll Deduction:

NATCA members can also donate to the disaster relief fund through payroll deduction, using this form

Brothers and Sisters,

The NATCA Disaster Response Committee is monitoring the progress of the Woolsey, Camp, and Hill wildfires in the Northern and Southern California areas. We are prepared to send resources in the form of equipment, as well as purchase additional equipment or provide financial support to our union brothers and sisters in need. We will also be soliciting for volunteers to aid with clean-up or reconstruction efforts, should it become necessary.

The Santa Ana winds are expected to increase to near-hurricane force gusts overnight and through November 14th. Should any additional fires spark, they will certainly grow exponentially.

At the very least:

  • Know where all of your family members and pets are at all times
  • Create a “bug out kit” with cash, necessary medication and supplies, as well as important paperwork. Store it in an easily accessible space
  • Be ready to evacuate your family to a nearby city, out of harm’s way
  • Do NOT assume that firefighters will save your house

Outside Resources Currently Available:

While the fires may not directly impact your membership, their family members or friends may not be as lucky. The following outside resources are currently available:

  • AirBNB has initiated its “Open Homes” program for displaced residents from the Woolsey Fire. Free housing is available at select AirBNB’s through November 29th.
  • Lyft is offering free rides to citizens of Ventura and Los Angeles counties for people in need of a ride due to the fires. Partnering with United Way, Lyft customers can call 2-1-1 to request the ride.
  • Verizon Wireless is offering free data, text, and minutes to customers impacted by the Woolsey, Camp, and Hill Fires.

NATCA DRC Resources:

The NATCA Disaster Response Committee will be purchasing N95 respirator masks, which are recommended by the California Department of Public Health. If masks would benefit your membership, please respond directly to me with the best address to ship the masks to, as well as a headcount of members who need the masks.

Please keep in regular contact with your membership regarding these fires. Often times, we hear the common responses: “We’re alright” and, “There are people who are worse off than us,” when the person making those remarks actually needs assistance. The DRC is poised to offer a variety of resources, including a housing stipend for members temporarily displaced by the wildfires.

If there are any members impacted by wildfires, please let us know immediately so that we can send our resources in their direction.

Thank you,

Michael Hamann
NATCA Disaster Response Committee
P50/Phoenix TRACON
C: (480) 272-3564

Tom Flanary
Vice President
Miami Center (ZMA)
Chairman, National Disaster Response Committee
National Air Traffic Controllers Association
Miami, Florida

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