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Contact Your Members of Senators and Representatives Now!

We need to let our elected officials know that it is negatively affecting the National Airspace System and the aviation safety professionals who operate and support it.  

Click here to EMAIL your elected officials!

Click here to CALL your elected officials!

Ask your spouse, family members, friends, neighbors, and everyone in your contact lists to follow this link so that they can also send emails. We want to let our elected officials know that this shutdown must END! 


Brothers and Sisters, 
     As you already know, the government shutdown is now in its fourth week. During this time, we have raised the volume on the damage this shutdown is doing to our members and to the National Airspace System. We need to build on that momentum. Make no mistake – we are in the middle of a fight that we did not choose, nor did we provoke. We will continue to fight to end the shutdown, but we need EVERY member active and engaged.
     Last week, over 100 NATCA activists met with their members of Congress to advocate to end the shutdown. These activists were told over and over again that they are hearing from constituents who are OK with federal workers continuing to be furloughed or working without pay. We need to make our collective voice LOUDER than those who don’t understand or care about our issues. We cannot understate the importance of constituents communicating directly with their members of Congress and their staffs. We MUST continue to raise the volume of our collective voice! This shutdown is unacceptable and must end now!
     We have heard from many of our members who think that their emails and phone calls won’t make a difference. While one phone call or email alone will not make a difference – 20,000 calls and emails WILL make a difference.  The way we will reach 20,000 calls and emails is by each member participating and getting their families and friends to participate. This is the very essence of Union!  
     We have launched a NEW email and a NEW calling campaign aimed at the U.S. Senate. The U.S. House of Representatives already has passed a bill to fund the Department of Transportation, which would reopen the FAA. Now we need the Senate to pass that bill!  
In Solidarity,
Paul Rinaldi
Trish Gilbert

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