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Social campaign 1

Stop The Shutdown! Keep The Pressure On: Join Social Media Campaign

Social campaign 1

This week, NATCA once again is bringing activists to Washington, D.C., to meet with members of Congress. The message those activists bring to congressional offices will be made stronger when it is backed by our collective voice in social media. Our Union needs your help to get this done! We need you to post and tweet NATCA messaging to the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts of our government leaders, including:

  • Your congressional delegation (your House member and both Senators)
  • The Speaker of the House (Speaker Nancy Pelosi)
  • The House Minority Leader (Congressman Kevin McCarthy)
  • The Senate Majority Leader (Senator Mitch McConnell)
  • The Senate Minority Leader (Senator Chuck Schumer)
  • The White House


{modal index.php/newsroom-member-side/news-archive/2672-congress-social-media-contacts-info}Click here for Congress Social Media Contact info{/modal}.


  • Each day the shutdown continues, the air traffic control system becomes less safe. As the flying public zooms through the sky, planes are being directed by unpaid federal employees worried about paying their bills. #NATCA #EndTheShutdownNow
  • I’m working without pay in one of the most stressful jobs there is. And if you fly in this country this directly affects you. Aviation safety isn’t a political game. #EndTheShutdownNow #NATCA
  • Controllers have to be 100% focused, 100% of the time. That’s hard to do when they can’t pay their bills. #EndTheShutdownNow #NATCA
  • We’re at 30-year low of certified controllers and the ones who remain on the job aren’t being paid. #EndTheShutdownNow #NATCA
  • ATC modernization delayed. Aviation safety upgrades delayed. The #shutdown jeopardizing safety & costing taxpayers billions. #EndTheShutdownNow #NATCA
  • FACT: Stress on short-staffed, professional air traffic controllers is increasing every day. That’s bad news for the flying public, and it’s what happens when you require people to work without pay for over a month. #EndTheShutdownNow #NATCA
  • Our national airspace system is broken down. Our morale is beat down. We need to #EndTheShutdownNow #NATCA
  • No paychecks + deteriorating morale + indefinitely running the safest, most complex airspace system in the world while being used as political pawns = Increased Stress and Reduced Safety.  #EndTheShutdownNow #NATCA
  • Senator: Do you have any flights planned this week? While you and your family are in the air, your air traffic controllers are working without pay. Safety is our priority, ending the #shutdown should be yours. #EndTheShutdownNow #NATCA
  • I am an air traffic controller (and a veteran who served in the SERVICE BRANCH in THEATER if applicable). The safety of our national airspace system is at risk. We’re making tough decisions about our family’s situation and our careers. It isn’t about politics. It’s about our livelihood. #EndTheShutdownNow #NATCA 


  • Requiring over 15,000 air traffic controllers and other aviation safety professionals to work without pay is not American and it’s not right. #EndTheShutdownNow #NATCA
  • Pay the men and women who are working tirelessly to keep the flying public safe. #EndTheShutdownNow #NATCA
  • I fly all the time and I trust our nation’s air traffic controllers and other safety professionals to keep me safe. I’m shocked they are being required to work without pay.  That’s wrong. They deserve to be paid.  #EndTheShutdownNow #NATCA


  1. Members can be held responsible for inappropriate social media posts that have a demonstrated nexus to their employment, and there are excepted employees at the FAA who are monitoring social media for inappropriate content. Below are some guidelines for posting on social media:
    • DO tell your personal stories.
    • DO encourage friends and family to participate in our campaigns.
    • DO NOT engage in, encourage, post, or comment about strikes, slowdowns, or sick-outs.
    • DO NOT joke about “no pay vectors” or “shutdown flu.”
    • DO NOT vent about safety concerns or equipment problems.
    • DO NOT make reference to supporting or opposing a political office holder.
    • DO NOT engage in degrading comments or name-calling about elected officials.
  1. Social Media/Hatch Act Guidelines (per the U.S. Office of Special Counsel):
    • Employees may not engage in “political activity” while on duty or in the federal workplace.
    • “Political activity” refers to any activity directed at the success or failure of a political party or partisan political group, or candidate for partisan office.
    • In the social media context, political activity includes sharing, liking, or retweeting a post from a partisan group or candidate for partisan office, or posting and/or tweeting a comment about a partisan group or candidate for partisan office.
    • Federal employees may not:
      • Use a social media account in your official capacity to engage in political activity at any time (but including your official title/position on a social media profile is allowed);
      • Tweet, retweet, share, or like a post or content that solicits political contributions at any time;
      • Like or follow the social media page of a candidate for partisan office or partisan group while on duty or in the workplace; or
      • Engage in political activity via social media while on duty or in the workplace.



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