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New: Discounted Cruise line Rates!

About Interline Cruise Travel and our partner Dynamic Travel and Cruises

Interline travel agreements are non-published, and often deeply discounted, rates offered exclusively to airline industry personnel. Not available to the general public, cruise lines offer up these discounts when they have extra room to sell as a way to thank those in the industry for transporting the majority of their guests.  Interline Travel by Dynamic Travel and Cruises has been a leader in the industry for over 35 years and now NATCA has partnered with them to expand Interline eligibility to NATCA, and offer concierge level service to our member’s reservation inquiries and requests.

Dynamic Travel has an exclusive website for NATCA members at natca.interlinetravel.com

When you arrive at the webpage, you will need to register for an account since Interline cruise fares may only be viewed by persons that have been pre-screened for eligibility.  When you register, you will be asked for your name and NATCA membership number. If you don’t know your membership number, you may obtain it from portal.natca.net.

Dynamic Travel is committed to concierge level service for NATCA members. There may be instances where you may be eligible for fares even lower than Interline. We highly recommend you reach out to one of Dynamic’s experienced agents to best understand your options.

Dynamic Travel can be reached at: 800-766-2911. Please identify yourself as a NATCA member when you call.

Dynamic Travel’s office hours are: 9am-7pm M-F, 10am-5pm on Saturday, and Noon to 5pm Sunday, central time.

Which cruise lines currently offer NATCA members Interline rates?

Please see the Dynamic Travel website for the most current list of participating cruise lines.  To date, the following cruise lines have discounts available to NATCA members:

AMA Waterways

Carnival Cruise Lines

Costa Cruises


Celestyal Cruises


Holland America




Norwegian Cruise Line



Paul Gauguin



Uniworld River Cruises

U By Uniworld

Caution About Discussing Interline Rates

Interline rates are not available to the general public and are reserved for very specific eligible groups.  Discussion of your Interline cruise fare with fellow cruise passengers can result in severe penalties.  NATCA members sailing on an Interline cruise fare could be traveling at a substantially reduced rate compared to their fellow passengers.  Disclosure by a NATCA member of their Interline fare to another passenger could cause brand damage to the cruise line and could result in the cruise line terminating NATCA Interline eligibility to ALL NATCA members.  Please do not jeopardize this extremely generous benefit being offered to NATCA members.

What Dynamic Travel brings to NATCA Members

A NATCA members-only website at natca.interlinetravel.com.  You can search cruises and Interline fares. Additionally, the website contains current promotions and great travel advice.

Email list.  When you register at the members-only website, you will be given the opportunity to subscribe to Dynamic Travel’s email list.  At times, cruise lines will open a very small number of rooms, on specific itineraries, at an even greater reduced Interline rate.  Those cabins can disappear quickly and when they’re gone, they’re gone.  Dynamic’s email list allows you to be among the very first Interline eligible travelers to learn of these specials.

Travel NATCA Facebook Page.   Please check out the Facebook page for NATCA members at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TravelNATCA.  The owner of Dynamic Travel, Steve Cosgrove, regularly posts great travel advice and tips for NATCA members. Additionally, he checks in to answer your questions and lend his expertise to your travel questions.  This forum will also give NATCA members the chance to exchange their own travel experiences and advice.  Please be sure to read the page description for an explanation of the rules and approved usage.  Your status as a member in good standing will need to be verified, so you will need your NATCA membership number.

To learn more about Dynamic Travel and check out those benefits available to you as a NATCA member, please go to natca.interlinetravel.com!

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