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Virtual NATCA Grassroots Activism: Mississippi

NATCA members Dennis Hilton (Gulfport ATCT, GPT), Jacob Porter (Jackson ATCT, JAN) and Mississippi State Legislative Coordinator Mike Long (Pensacola TRACON, P31) attended Congressman Steven Palazzo’s (left) Zoom meeting recently. “There were discussions on the effects of COVID on businesses and schools,” Long said. “We discussed our traffic in and around the Gulf Coast and how it has not diminished since COVID-19. We all wore our campaign 2020 shirts, which the congressman noticed and acknowledged!”

Mississippi State Coordinator Mike Long (Pensacola TRACON, P31) and Gulfport ATCT (GPT) FacRep Dennis Hilton had a Zoom meeting with Mississippi Congressman Michael Guest. “Congressman Guest was very thankful for our efforts and continued work to keep the public flying safe as we work through COVID-19,” Long said. “We discussed H.R. 1108, staffing, training, and the upcoming hurdles that we will be dealing with as we transition through this time.”

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