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NATCA News Alert: Announcing the Winners of the 16th Annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Most everything in the world has changed in 2020. But one thing has remained constant: the relentless pursuit of greatness and the highest standard of professionalism exhibited by NATCA members at work. Ensuring the safety of every flight in our beloved National Airspace System is our duty, even with the trying circumstances of the global pandemic. When our controllers hear the call for help, they roll up their sleeves, and they get to work. 

We honor the very best examples of this great work each year with the Archie League Medal of Safety Awards. Today, we are proud to announce the newest group of NATCA members who have won this award.

2019 President’s Award co-winner Ryan Schile of Chicago O’Hare ATCT (ORD) said during last year’s banquet, this award is the ultimate expression of receiving a deeply heartfelt “good job” from your co-workers; the type where you are genuinely appreciative of the recognition, but lack the ability to feel worthy of it. All of our winners, to a person, have felt they were only doing their jobs. They deflect praise to every other controller who deserves thanks after every great shift. Even with that, our Union relishes the opportunity to promote our members’ notable efforts to the public. The program also is an opportunity for all aviation safety professionals to share in the pride of seeing our noble professions honored. 

Every year, we say we cannot outdo ourselves. But wouldn’t you know it, here we are again, one more time. These members have done it, and we are excited to honor them and share their great work with all of you and the aviation community. This year, we are excited to announce the addition of a new category for Federal Contract Tower (FCT) saves to join the nine geographic regions. Our first FCT winner is Brad Burtner of Pompano Beach FCT (PMP)!

Because of the cancellation of Communicating For Safety 2020, our annual banquet celebration of the Archie League Medal of Safety Award winners is moving to a different event for the first time since 2007. It will be held on the evening of Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at the 18th Biennial Convention in Houston.

We will tell the stories of each of these great saves soon. For now, please join us in congratulating the 2020 Archie League Medal of Safety Award winners below.

In solidarity,

Paul Rinaldi

Trish Gilbert
Executive Vice President

Alaskan Region
Matthew Freidel, Anchorage Center (ZAN), and John Newcomb, Anchorage TRACON (A11)

Left: John Newcomb; Right: Matthew Freidel

Central Region
Jordan Haldeman and Sarah Owens, Kansas City Center (ZKC)

Central Region
Daniel Hittner, Hunter Rubin, and James Smart, Wichita ATCT (ICT)

Left: Daniel Hittner; top right: Hunter Rubin; lower right: James Smart

Eastern Region
Mark Dzindzio and Raymond Hanson, Potomac TRACON (PCT)

Left: Mark Dzindzio; right: Raymond Hanson

Great Lakes Region
Brittany Jones and Bob Obma, Indianapolis Center (ZID)

New England Region
Dave Chesley, Boston TRACON (A90)

Northwest Mountain Region
Byron Andrews, Joshua Fuller, Brian Hach, Ryan Jimenez, and Michael Sellman, Seattle Center (ZSE)

Southern Region
Marcus Troyer, Pensacola TRACON (P31)

Southwest Region
John (Randy) Wilkins, Fort Worth Center (ZFW)

Southwest Region
Larry Bell, Brian Cox, and Colin McKinnon, Fort Worth Center (ZFW)

Left: Larry Bell; top right: Colin McKinnon; lower right: Brian Cox

Western Pacific Region
Michelle Bruner and Jamie Macomber (SAN)

Left: Michelle Bruner; Right: Jamie Macomber

Federal Contract Tower
Brad Burtner, Pompano Beach (PMP)

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