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NATCA Great Lakes Member Highlight: Chris Wilson, D21 NGL National Finance Committee Representative

I grew up in Perrysburg, OH but I now reside in Saline, MI with my wife, Melissa, and our 4 children who are 14, 13, 11 and 9.  I enjoy fishing, bowling and OHIO STATE FOOTBALL!  I started my air traffic journey in Kalamazoo, MI where I worked for 4 years.  I now work at D21 and have for 8 years.  I got involved with NATCA because I was hired in under the white book and saw what conditions could be like without the union.  I also saw and appreciated how hard the union fought for our members.  The first position that I held was the NATCA Reloaded rep while at AZO.  I then became the Professional Standards rep at D21, as well as the treasurer.  I am currently the Vice President of our local but have also been a part of recurrent training team and have served on the National Finance Committee for 5 years now and love it!  Traveling to different facilities in the region is my favorite part about this committee because I get to meet new people and see parts of the country that I wouldn’t otherwise get to visit.  Although some people think that we are just trying to get them in trouble during our audits, I’m hoping to change the stigma and be seen as a resource instead of a source of vexation.  NATCA is important to me because of all the work it does to help members prosper and succeed.  The union doesn’t sit idly by and watch while bad things happen.  Instead, they rally behind their people and really fight for them.  I have seen NATCA fight for the members time and time again and I am proud to be a part of such a passionate organization.   

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