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NCF Seeking Member for its Board of Directors

The NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF) is looking to fill a position on its Board of Directors. Directors should be prepared to dedicate at least five hours per week to start. Apply by Jan. 22 by sending your resume here.

“NCF can’t survive without its passionate, dedicated volunteers and is proud to have a 100% volunteer executive board,” said NCF President Corrie Conrad.

The director’s role is to advance the mission of NCF and to be a part of making decisions that guide the charity toward a sustainable future. Board members are responsible for doing what is in the best interest of the charity and making sure policies and finances are responsible and focused. Specifically, tasks include (but are not limited to) participating on weekly meetings, answering emails and being part of discussions on Microsoft Teams, helping to volunteer at in-person events, brainstorming fundraising ideas, and soliciting for charitable donations.

Travel is limited. There is an annual meeting in Washington D.C. each November that everyone on the executive board is expected to attend. Additionally, event volunteers will be asked to travel.

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