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NCF 2nd Annual Step Challenge Open Through Feb. 16

The NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF) 2nd Annual Step Challenge began Jan. 3 but remains open for participants to join through Feb. 16.

“We’re in full swing of the competition, but it’s not too late to join in,” said NCF President Corrie Conrad.

To participate, form a team or sign up individually and challenge others for the chance at the facility trophy or one of the top three individual spots and prizes for several categories.

The cost to participate is $25. Sign up here.

The competition is hosted on the app Count.It, which works with the most common health tracking platforms and tools. In addition to walking or running, this year’s competition counts additional activities including cycling, swimming, and strength training.

“Count.It will sync your activities retroactively, back 27 days,” said Conrad. “So if you join by Jan. 30, you’ll be synced to compete for the full duration of the challenge!”

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