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ABACUS is a brand new, comprehensive software program that will replace several legacy systems used to collect, organize, classify, and validate multiple sources of traffic count data and facility/airspace analytics to enable proper assessment of complexity and an accurate calculation of a Traffic Count Index (TCI) for all FAA facilities.

ABACUS is being developed in a collaborative fashion, wholly within the FAA, with close coordination between TechOps, contract support, and members of the National Validation Team (NVT). While the information provided by this program will have a variety of uses, its primary purpose will be utilized by the NVT to effect pay setting for every facility in accordance with Appendix A of the Parties’ Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Incoming Data: Finalizing validation of en-route flight and airspace messages through System Wide Information Management (SWIM). Procedures in place to flag data gaps, known and unknown. Establishing reconstitution protocols for patching these gaps from alternate sources. Assessing strategies for remaining unvalidated data streams.

Software Development: Software drop 0.9.1 (enhancements and bug fixes). Development of flight objects for traffic counting. TCI and relevant parameter modeling.

Test Team: Determining resolutions for critical Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) tickets. Functional blocks 11 & 14 testing on review flows, dashboards, and notifications.

Hardware: Doubling system storage capacities at all server locations in progress.

Training: Demoing software functionality to AMA-24 to develop video training modules for ABACUS users.

Estimated Completion Date: Summer 2023.

POC: Brody McCray

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