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NATCA Welcomes New Facility: John C. Tune FCT (JWN)

NATCA is excited to welcome John C. Tune Federal Contract Tower (FCT) to the NATCA family. Located in West Nashville, Tenn., John C. Tune Airport is the busiest general aviation airport in Tennessee and is the reliever airport for Nashville International Airport. It serves the needs of regional, corporate, and private aircraft, and is owned and managed by the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority.

“JWN joined NATCA because of the dedicated and passionate members who will go above and beyond to help protect our rights and working conditions,” said JWN FacRep Keith Cole. “Being a part of NATCA means that we have a Union that cares for its membership and is ready to fight day in and day out to protect our rights and benefits.” View the list of all 122 NATCA-represented FCTs here.

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