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NCEPT Update: February PPT and Most Recent Gating Criteria Now Available

The February Priority Placement Tool (PPT) for the National Centralized ERR (employee requested reassignment) Process Team (NCEPT), as well as the most recent gating criteria, are now available to view on the NCEPT webpage, located here. (https://www.natca.org/ncept/) The February PPT will also be the one used on the next NCEPT panel.

Here are the upcoming dates in the NCEPT timeline, leading up to the convening of the Feb. 16 panel:

Feb. 4 | HR resume Upload Complete

Feb. 7 | Manager Ranking List Published (Opened)

Feb. 11 | Manager Rankings Completed (Closed)

Feb. 14 | AJG-P21 Prepares Data for NCEPT Board

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