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Finance Committee Hosts End of Year Forms Virtual Course

The NATCA Academy End of Year Forms course, hosted by the National Finance Committee, gives step-by-step instructions on filling out the required forms NATCA locals are required to file with the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). These forms include the LM-4, LM-3 and IRS 990-N (e-Postcard). The course is designed to benefit incoming FacReps and treasurers, and it serves as a refresher for more seasoned E-board members. This one-hour course is important because it gives NATCA locals the tools needed to accomplish their responsibilities and be in compliance with SRD-8 of the NATCA National Constitution.

Click here for more information about the upcoming virtual courses or email course instructors Devin Carlisto or Dontae Siders for assistance. https://www.natca.org/academy/

Feb. 11 – 1pm EST

Feb. 25 – 1pm EST

March 4 – 1pm EST

March 11 – 1pm EST

March 15 – 2pm EDT

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