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NATCA Academy’s First In-Person Course of 2022: Basic Legislative Activism    

On Feb. 8-9, the NATCA Academy held its first in-person training course of 2022: Basic Legislative Activism (LAT). The instructors were Charlotte ATCT (CLT) FacRep Anthony Schifano and National Legislative Committee Southern Region Representative Jenny Chhetri (Atlanta Center, ZTL). During the two-day course attendees reviewed the congressional structure and discussed the process for passing legislation while exploring the reasons NATCA needs to be legislatively active and have a presence on Capitol Hill.

Said Chhetri, “It was invigorating to meet with new activists in-person to discuss the legislative side of our Union and the importance of building and maintaining relationships with our members of Congress.”

Attendees were instructed on techniques for building relationships with every member of Congress who is critical to NATCA’s legislative priorities. The main goal of the course is to educate and enable NATCA members to help protect and enhance the profession. Two more LAT courses are scheduled for April 13-14 and Nov. 8-9. Learn more here.

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