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Final Part in a Series: National Constitution Committee Presents Updates to the NATCA Constitution

The NATCA Constitution was created to govern NATCA members in efforts to advance the status, professionalism, and working conditions of all aviation safety professionals through collective bargaining, political action, and other lawful concerted activity. During the most recent biennial convention held in Houston, NATCA members discussed and approved changes to the NATCA Constitution, Standing Rules, and Policy & Position Statements. The National Constitution Committee (NCC) is providing the membership with some of the most notable updates in this third and final piece:

SRN-1 – Amended to compensate the NATCA National President with an annual base salary of 1.85 times the amount of the FAA ATSPP Pay Band maximum for an ATC Level 12 Facility with no locality pay; the National Executive Vice President shall be compensated with an annual base salary of $5,000 less than the National President’s salary.

The National Finance Committee submitted this resolution which was amended that establishes an annual adjustment to the salaries of the NATCA National President and Executive Vice President that is equivalent to that provided to federal employees under the General Schedule (GS) increase and is consistent with language in the collective bargaining agreements for NATCA-represented FAA bargaining units. Adoption of this resolution allows for these salaries to remain reflective of general pay increases without the need for the National Finance Committee and the delegates to review and address salary considerations for these positions at each National Convention.

Concurrently, Article IX Section 5 was removed, and the Sections were renumbered that authorized the National Finance Committee to review the salaries of the National Officers annually.

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