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NATCA Academy Concludes Successful RT-1 and SAT Courses

The NATCA Academy recently hosted concurrent Representative Training 1 (RT-1) and Safety Advocacy Training (SAT) courses in Las Vegas with over 50 members in attendance. President Rich Santa and Executive Vice President Andrew LeBovidge spoke to both training classes. About the training, Santa said, “It is very important for members to take part in these Academy offerings. It was a great privilege to see our members participating in NATCA’s in-person training courses again.”

“The several parallel safety programs existing at all levels in the Air Traffic Organization can be complicated,” said SAT course instructor Nathan Vinson. “Safety Advocacy Training provides the foundational knowledge necessary for NATCA representatives to effectively influence the safety processes at their facilities through collaboration. It was great to re-engage with NATCA leaders again, in this setting, after a two year-long hiatus. Hopefully the participants can take what they’ve learned back to their facilities and continue the education among their members and management counterparts.” To attend future classes hosted by the NATCA Academy, please visit the NATCA Academy page here.

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