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OSHA Committee Update

OSHA Committee Chair and National OSHECCOM (Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Compliance Committee) chair Karena Marinas, National OSHECCOM Vice Chair Austin Aurandt, the FAA’s designated agency safety and health official (DASHO) Jeff Planty, and DASHO Support Group Manager Rene Filipowski briefed FAA Deputy Administrator Brad Mims on the status of the national OSHECCOM and the FAA occupational safety and health programs.

These briefings take place twice a year. The topics discussed included COVID-19, the FAA’s annual report to OSHA, the public access defibrillator (PAD) program, and OSHA inspections. Mims and the rest of the deputies thanked the team and the national OSHECCOM members for their collaborative work and successes in workplace safety.

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