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Employee Assistance Program Committee Update 

Are your parents or other loved ones aging and you are concerned about their wellness? Did you know that WorkLife Solutions also offers free senior care management? You can get a free in-home assessment to determine if their living arrangements are safe. Adult care specialists will create a personalized care plan, review the plan with you, and introduce you to resources available to implement it.

The greatest benefit of the WorkLife Solutions Program is eight confidential counseling sessions with a licensed clinician that DO NOT have to be reported on your ATC medical exam. You get eight sessions, per issue, every 12 months. These sessions are available to you, your spouse, children, and anyone living under your roof, even if they are not your dependent. The sessions are completely free and your medical insurance will not be used. 

To learn more about the senior care management, counseling sessions, or any other WorkLife Solutions benefits, please contact the NATCA EAP Committee at [email protected].

To use any of these services, please contact Magellan WorkLife Solutions at 800-234-1327.

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