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ITC Meets at National Office, Advancing Support for NATCA Members Nationwide

The Information Technology Committee (ITC) met on April 19-20 — the group’s first in-person meeting since the pandemic began. The committee focused on learning about new tools and initiatives related to NATCA technology needs, as well as brainstorming ways it can streamline processes for sharing knowledge and tools to benefit all NATCA members. 

Over the last two years, the ITC’s workload and size has grown as the Union’s technology needs have increased to meet demands related to virtual collaboration and teamwork, while also building MyNATCA, the replacement membership database.

“The members of this committee work around the clock to share their insight on a broad range of tools and systems that help NATCA members accomplish the work of the Union every day,” ITC Chair Jason Doss said. “The energy and enthusiasm of the ITC members is exciting, and we’re looking forward to rolling out more solutions that will continue to advance our Union’s initiatives and representation.”

As the ITC works to upgrade the Union’s email processes, email lists, and a new grievance tracking system, committee members are working with the membership and committees to ensure the process is seamless. The ITC provides support, guidance, and recommendations to the National Executive Board, other committees, and NATCA members nationwide.

For email, MyNATCA, UnionWare, Microsoft Teams, and other IT-related issues, members can reach out to [email protected] for assistance and answers.

Pictured from left to right – bottom row: Senior Social Media Representative Meagan Roper, Information Technology Administrator Matt Heer, Kristena Jones (Washington Center, ZDC), Pam Rusk (Engineers Central Region, ECE); middle row: Director of Public Affairs and ITC Co-Chair Thom Metzger, Central Regional Vice President Aaron Merrick, David Towell (Cincinnati ATCT, CVG), Deputy Director of Public Affairs Doug Church, Ryan Durbin (Anchorage Center, ZAN); top row: Joe Allen (Boston Center, ZBW), ITC Chair Jason Doss (Jacksonville Center, ZJX), Information Technology Manager Phil Yanchulis, Matt Fritz (Andrews AFB ATCT, ADW).
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