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Professional Standards Committee Trains 16 New Members

Professional Standards (PS) held a training on April 5-7 at Jacksonville ATCT (JAX) for new PS Committee members.

The new members joining the training included Nikolas Ewaldt (Concord ATCT, CCR), Mitchell Montgomery (Santa Monica ATCT, SMO), Jordan Morales (Milwaukee ATCT, MKE), Brian Gustitus (Flint ATCT, FNT), Michael Ruen (Cedar Rapids ATCT, CID), Juwan Daniels (Fort Worth Center, ZFW), Cory Hajicek (ZFW), Joe Hichar (Baton Rouge ATCT, BTR), Kim Tursi (New York TRACON, N90), Nathalie Morales (N90), Nicholas Monahan (Bedford ATCT, BED), Paul Kelly (Providence ATCT, PVD), Caanon Thomas (Fayetteville ATCT, FAY), Robert Ryan (Jacksonville Center, ZJX), Arif Hasan (Fort Myers ATCT, RSW), Mike Long (JAX District Chair), and National Professional Standards Representatives Lydia Baune, Patrick Carter, and Chris Keyes.

“Thank you to our newest committee members for volunteering to take on this very important role for NATCA,” said Baune.

NATCA’s PS team is always available for members to assist with addressing issues at the lowest level. The program also provides an opportunity to recognize exceptional performance. Members interested in learning more about the PS program should ask their local PS Committee member, visit this webpage or email [email protected].

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