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CLT Members Give Tour of New Facility to Staff Members of S.C. Rep. Ralph Norman

Charlotte ATCT (CLT) FacRep Anthony Schifano and CLT legislative representative Stephen Cooper gave a tour of the new CLT tower and TRACON facilities earlier this month to a group of staffers of South Carolina Congressman Ralph Norman. Two members of the staff were from Rep. Norman’s Washington, D.C., office, while the others work in the congressman’s Rock Hill, S.C., office.

“During the tour, we covered the intricacies of the Charlotte airport and the challenges on the airport surface,” Schifano said. “We explained the advantages of the new tower (370 feet tall vs. 150 feet in old tower; 850-square-foot cab vs 400) and the adequate room in the entire facility, including the 40,000-square-foot base building, etc.). Additionally, we talked about the new systems at Charlotte and how important stable, predictable funding is when trying to implement new technology. The staff was very impressed with the overall operation and the focus of the entire facility during the IFR day we had.”

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