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WIAAB Report Identifies Barriers to Recruiting, Retaining Women in Aviation Industry Jobs

Former NATCA executive vice president (EVP) Trish Gilbert was appointed to the Women in Aviation Advisory Board (WIAAB) in 2020. She continues to participate in the WIAAB as the EVP for the Americas Region of the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations (IFATCA). WIAAB was created to take a deep look at the aviation industry, identify barriers to recruiting and retaining women, and make recommendations for change. In nearly two years of joint work, the board reviewed research on the barriers facing women in aviation, identified strategies to address those barriers, and reached consensus on recommendations for change.

In March, WIAAB submitted the report to the secretary of the Department of Transportation, the FAA administrator, and Congress. “Especially in a tight post-pandemic labor market, the aviation industry desperately needs women to choose aviation careers,” wrote WIAAB Chair Dr. Heather Wilson in her statement in the report. “Attracting and retaining women is critical to the future of the industry.” The report found that women make up 16.8 percent of the air traffic controller workforce, a figure that is virtually unchanged for the last few years. You can see the report here.

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