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NATCA Member Attends Reception & Tournament with Congressman Swalwell

On May 5, NATCA member Juan Serna-Spuler (San Francisco ATCT, SFO) attended a reception with Congressman Eric Swalwell, D-Calif. The event was attended by 20 or so other supporters. On May 6, Serna-Spuler also joined Congressman Swalwell for a benefit golf tournament. Serna-Spuler and the Congressman played the tournament in the same foursome. The Congressman invited Serna-Spuler to participate when they met in Swalwell’s office during NATCA in Washington. The tournament benefited Castro Valley High School where Serna-Spuler’s step son went to school. In addition, NATCA member Brian Delucchi (SFO) was also a part of the foursome. It was a great opportunity to build a personal relationship, Serna-Spuler said. 

Photo: (left to right) Juan Serna-Spuler and Congressman Eric Swalwell.

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