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National Legislative Committee Members Meet at NATCA Headquarters

Our Union’s National Legislative Committee (NLC) members recently held their quarterly meeting at NATCA Headquarters. NLC members were briefed by President Rich Santa and NATCA’s Government Affairs staff. They discussed their current business and did planning for the rest of the year.

Participating in the meeting were: NLC Acting Chair Trisha Pesiri-Dybvik (Santa Barbara ATCT, SBA), Central Region Rep. Allison Schwaegel (St. Louis/Lambert ATCT, STL), Eastern Region Rep. Kristena Jones (Washington Center, ZDC), Eastern Region Alternate Dave Romano (New York Center, ZNY), Great Lakes Region Rep. Erin Phelps (Minneapolis Center, ZMP), Great Lakes Region Alternate Nick Yochman (Youngstown ATCT, YNG), New England Region Rep. Jamie Green (Providence ATCT, PVD), Northwest Mountain Region Rep. Jenny Benjamin (Denver/Centennial ATCT, APA), Region X Rep. Jason Holland (ENE), Southern Region Rep. Jenny Chhetri (Atlanta Center, ZTL), Southwest Region Rep. Corey Soignet (Houston Intercontinental ATCT, IAH), Western Pacific Region Rep. David Skarphol (Phoenix TRACON, P50), and Western Pacific Region Alternate Erik Mandt (Oakland Center, ZOA).

Learn more about the NLC here.

PHOTO: (left to right) Dave Romano, Trisha Pesiri-Dybvik, Jenny Benjamin, Erik Mandt, Jamie Green, Corey Soignet, Jenny Chhetri, Allison Schwaegel, Nick Yochman, and Rich Santa.

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