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NATCA Onboarding Committee Meets at the National Office

NATCA’s Onboarding Committee met on May 17, at the National Office in Washington, D.C.. During their meeting the group discussed training for regional onboarding reps. They reviewed and talked about responses from onboarding feedback forms. They talked about coordinating with NATCA’s IT Committee and Elections Support Committee. They did planning around what is next for onboarding new FacReps, VPs, and Eboard members.

PHOTO: (left to right) Participants in this meeting included:

Anchorage Center (ZAN) President and Alaska Region (NAL) Onboarding Committee Rep. Robert Kindred;

Northwest Mountain Region (NNM) Onboarding Committee Rep. Sam Navarro (Seattle-Tacoma ATCT, SEA);

Alternate Central Region (NCE) Vice President, Kansas City Center (ZKC) President, and NCE Onboarding Committee Rep. Todd Mariani;

Charlotte ATCT (CLT) President and Southern Region Onboarding Committee Rep. Anthony Schifano;

NCE Regional Vice President and Onboarding Committee Chair Aaron Merrick (Kansas City Center, ZKC);

Great Lakes Region (NGL) Alternate Regional Vice President, Indianapolis Center (ZID) President, and NGL Onboarding Committee Rep. Marc Schneider;

New England Region (NNE) Alternate Regional Vice President, Hartford-Bradley ATCT (BDL) President, and NNE Onboarding Committee Rep. Bryan Krampovitis;

Oakland ATCT (OAK) President and Western Pacific Region (NWP) Onboarding Committee Rep. Kristin Simms; and 

Region X (NRX) Alternate Regional Vice President and NRX Onboarding Committee Rep. Edward Szczuka.

Learn more about the Onboarding Committee here https://www.natca.org/committees/onboarding/.

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